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Workout Wear Wednesday

July 25, 2012

So I missed last week’s post, which would have been only the 2nd one in this here series. Apparently I fail at everything. I thought about doing a Thursday Threads post (yes, alliteration is important to me) to make up for it, but when that didn’t happen either I just gave up entirely. Welcome to my life, where expectations are never met…or met much later than expected.

Jumping in…

Last month, I bought new shorts for the first time in forever. Seriously, I think it had been maybe 2 or 3 years since I bought new running shorts. I know. It’s just that I hate shorts. For being a runner it’s probably odd that I hate my legs, but I do, so I avoid shorts at all costs. Actually now that I am a runner I hate them much, MUCH (much!!!!) less than I ever used to, but still they are not my favorite body part. So I wear workout pants as much as possible. But when things get hot, I don’t stay insecure for long and the shorts definitely come out. All this being said, it’s basically a big deal for me to buy shorts.

Cut to City Sports, who happen to have a great loyalty program, frequent coupons and some cash money hanging out on a gift card I won last year during the bootcamp that broke my hand. [I didn’t win money because I broke my hand, even though I joked at the time the $100 didn’t even cover my x-ray bill.] Right before the Zooma half marathon last month (which I STILL have not recapped, see above fail rant above), I ran over to the storefront closest to my office desperate for a new race outfit. Now usually I would not wear brand new clothes at a race, but all my shorts were smelly dirty and no way was I racing in those. Knowing that I hate shorts in general, I brought about 37 pairs into the dressing room with me, determined to find a pair that looked decent. And lo and behold, I came out with these:

Nike Tempo Track Short

I swear I had tried this style on ages ago and they just made my legs look like tree trunks, but I liked them this time. I did go up a size (to large) because I wanted more room in the leg hole, so maybe this is the reason? They are awfully baggy on my backside and there is A LOT of room in the leg area in this bigger size, but I like how that makes them flare out a bit in the thigh and give the illusion of a leaner leg. It's probably all in my mind, but as long as I feel good about it, that's all that matters right? I bought these in navy and white for $32 (without discounts) and I love that now that I know I like them I can snag them up in all the funky color combos they come out in (when they go on sale of course).


How to Fail at Running Without Even Trying

July 17, 2012

Operation Focus was a bust. I ran one speed workout, hit one cross training session and then kerplunked. To make excuses be fair, I did get sick. It was the kind of sick they say you can exercise through. You know when they say if your symptoms are from the neck up, “go ahead and workout!”! Well, those were my symptoms….but work out I did not. Run I did not. I did not actually do much of anything for that matter. For four days. Yes, I babied my sinus pressure and snottiness into four days of inactivity. What are you gonna do about it? I mean what are THEY gonna do about it (you know, THEY who say you should go ahead and workout when your head feels like ass)?

I can tell you what I did about it. I ran a make up long run last night, after work. [This is something I have done/do too often when I miss a shorter long run on the weekend–I just run the miles on Monday and pretend that I got them in the day before so the miles count towards the previous week.  I’m trying to get out of the habit. Obvs not doing a good job of it.] I should edit that. I walked and somewhat jogged a make up run after work. Holy sweat balls Batman! I am apparently NOT acclimated to the heat and humidity in any way, I am NOT conditioned for uber strenuous exercise and I have seemed to have lost all my lovely, cushiony callouses on the bottoms of my feet. [Did you know that can happen? That the gnarly pads strategically adhering to the hot spots on your feet will miraculously begin to disappear if you do not need them becauseyouskippedtwoweeksoflongruns for some reason or another? It’s crazy, the human body! It’s soooo evolved!]

So suctastic “run” last night. I am barely even sure I can count it as a 10 miler considering how much walking I did. Tell me I’ll get over this and be able to hit my long runs in some training-like fashion most soonest? I have deep woe for the status of my marathon training right now.

10-mile long run <Supposed to be at 10K+60 seconds pace, but uh, notsomuch>

Workout Wear Wednesday

July 11, 2012

As a break from the monotony of all running, all whining, all the time I thought I’d sneak in some fun gear reviews/highlights/etc.

Welcome to workout wear Wednesday! (Maybe I should work on posting this before there are less than 2 hours left in said Wednesday? I’ll try that for next week.)

I am obsessive about my running kicks–Nike Air Pegasus, size 8.5 wide. I’ve been wearing them for 12 years. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I never stray from them. I am thinking about supplementing if I can I can find something as cushioned, but that’s a whole ‘nother post. And shhhh, don’t tell them yet.

My gym shoes, the ones that get worn for EVERYTHING besides running, well, I have never put much thought into them. For the past year I had been wearing street shoes (like, commuters) that had almost zero support. I know! I know!! So bad.

A few months ago I had this DSW coupon burning a hole in my pocket and the first place I always head is the clearance rack. That’s where I spied these babies:
The Puma Fox Trail Running Shoe.

To be honest I had no idea they were running shoes, much less trail shoes when I was in the store. They looked cool. They looked stable and supporty. I don’t mess around when trying on shoes. I walk around the store in prospective shoes upwards of half an hour or more. With these shoes I took it to a whole other level. Jump squats. Jogging down the aisles. Jumping jacks. The whole nine. They passed the tests and they were 40% off!! Score! Add the coupon and I think the end price was under $30 bucks. Loving it.

Plus I love them still, two+ months later. I even do short treadmill runs with them (like when I have little cardio intervals w/in my gym workouts). Double score! Definitely a great workout purchase.

►15-minutes on the elliptical
►30-minute Nike Training App <Get Lean/Intermediate/Body Surge>


July 10, 2012

mileage for June

So how’s that for a hiatus–last post of June 1? Ugh. This is not what I meant to happen when I started chronicling my marathon training woes adventures.

After some cray shit that went down in the office, the ensuing stress and what felt like 3 weeks of travel, I am rededicating myself to keeping track of my training in this here diary format. Considering how crappy June was, getting nearly 60 miles in is an accomplishment. Though it should have been more like 72 or so. I did the math today (by “math” I mean the magic spreadsheet that catalogs all of my mileage for 3 months out) and holy effing shittle!1!! there are only 13 weeks left until the marathon! Unrelated, why do I always typo that to say “marathong”? I mean, what would a marathong be, exactly? One that you don’t have to take off for a couple of days? Ew. I’m gong to stop this train of thought now, ummkay? 13 weeks! Do you realize that seeing as how I missed my last two long runs, I am now officially BEHIND in training? Do you?? Because I did not. Sure, I was not happy about skipping my long run the weekend I returned from London which happened to be the weekend before vacation which also happened to be the weekend derecho hit and knocked my power into Tuesday (literally). I was even less happy about skipping it again once back from vacation, but I hadn’t slept in (what felt like) two weeks and I was So I won’t dwell on what I skipped any longer. I obvs needed the break(s).

I will now focus on staying strong and focused for the remaining 13 weeks and try to be smart about training. That’s my main worry about being behind in training, making up the lost time and ending up with an overuse injury. I think I’ve got it planned out on paper so that the increases are modest, but only time will tell. I have adapted the Runner’s World less-is-more plan. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years, but without a marathon to apply it to, it’s just sat there in the back of my head. Well Carly Bananas (yes, another banana runner!) had a perfectly timed post where she did all the work of plugging it into a spreadsheet with a Marine Corps race goal. A few tweaks (and tears, because I lost three weeks) and I am now all set with a plan that has me running just 3 days a week in prep for Chicago. I am pretty fired up about it because in all my past training endeavors, I always felt best when I was executing a well rounded workout plan (ie, got my yoga and strength training in) but when I would get into the thick of it, there was little time to do much else but log miles. So we’ll see where this takes us. I’ll still do a couple 20-milers in training, but I won’t be hitting 40-mile weeks. Fingers crossed.

T-minus 2 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours & 57 minutes ’til Chicago. God, help me.


►Speed Work for 4.5 miles <3x1600s with 2-4 min rest in between>
►Get caught in the rain



June 1, 2012

miles for May

Down from last month‘s 59 miles, and I keep telling myself that’s ok. Can’t increase EVERY month can you? Plus I had two back to back weeks of travel, then they fired my boss at work, so things have been crazed to say the least. Considering, I did pretty good, ya?

I also got up to 11 mile long runs, but nothing as of late has been very pretty. I really hope it’s just my body (and my mind) trying to acclimate to the heat and humidity, but I haven’t had a good run in a while. Which is a little alarming considering I have the Zooma Annapolis half marathon tomorrow in less than 11 hours. I hope tonight’s thunderstorms clear out some of the hanging humidity and allow for a crisp, cool run tomorrow morning. A 7 am start and I need to get from Arlington to Annapolis. Ouch.

I had originally planned to run this race with Clussy. Girl power, endorphin boosting mileage, AND bottomless wine and massages post race? Who else would I want to do that with? But she had to go and get knocked up with some super Maximus zygotge and shit, so we bagged the idea. But then, as you might remember from a few weeks ago, the Pacers Ambassadors group got a few comps to the race and I just couldn’t say no. So I signed up without a friendly friend and without a super solid round of training in the bag. But I knew I needed it to help me keep my eye on the prize. So here’s to hoping I have a good time tomorrow. Wish me luck!

We are now 4 months, 6 days, 12 hours and 55 minutes out from Chicago!


►An early bed time so I can wake up at 4:45am!

An old friend

May 21, 2012

Hanging out at the bar (Cafe Saint-Ex if you’re nosy) this weekend, Buggie mentioned she had a can of tuna for dinner. I don’t remember thinking this at the time, but I haven’t had tuna in a long ass time and it sounded tre deliciouso. So what did I do? I bought two cans of tuna at the grocery store this weekend. Yeah, single white female is how I roll.

But then I made this:

It’s sort of an open faced tuna mash. This is how I made it…

-1 can of no sodium tuna
-large dollop of spicy mustard (I like Trader Joe’s Spicy Mustard Aioli)
-some plain Greek yogurt for viscosity
-shredded carrots
-organic pea shoots
-1/4 of an avocado
-1 slice ezeikial sprouted grain bread
-a healthy dose of Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning

I toasted the bread and mashed the avocado on top. Then I combined all the rest and got about 3/4 of it on top of the bread. Then I devoured it. Tuna might be making a regular lunchtime appearance once again.

►25 minutes of intervals on the elliptical
►30-min Nike Training Club workout <Get Lean/Intermediate/The Shedder>


May 20, 2012

I so had a plan to get through these three weeks of intense hell at work. It was written out in my spreadsheet. There were contingencies built in. Reinforcements were recruited. I was going to stay active while working 11-16 hour days and survive damnit!

Then the first wave hit. I did ok in the beginning. A week working approximately 60 hours but was able to get a few runs in (see previous recap of the epically bad), plus a bit of cross training and only skimped on the yoga–as was my plan. All good. Even up to the day of travel last week, where I rescheduled a morning run with Kelly and got it in the SAME DAY I took off for Baltimore (making that day curiously long yet satisfying)–we were rolling along.

I knew the days would be long in Balt so I figured I’d schedule the remaining workouts for the weekend. FAIL. Exhaustion and much needed friend-time (hellllo MFA Buggie) took precedence. 20120520-131331.jpg

So I’m thinking we’re still ok, right? I can regroup for this week, right? Wrong. Monday started with a 15 hour day–which smacked down any chance for waking in time for a Tuesday am run. Can’t workout Tues night cuz I needed to pack and get some preshus zzz’s in time to rise at 4:30 for the first flight out of DCA to New York. That day ended at 11pm. And the next day we started with yet another 4:30 wake up call. So, well, you see the pattern here. 20120520-131042.jpg

I finally got 9.5+ miles in yesterday after two nights of solid rest. Prob not the best training decision…it’s been 10 days since I did anything but work!…but still glad to log that in (even if my thighs aren’t). Plus I really need to stay on top of these long runs these next few weeks since I sorta signed up for a half marathon in early June.

It is my first perk being a Pacers Ambassador!! They had some comps for the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon from Muscle Milk and I was able to snag one!! The race fee is over $100, I just couldn’t pass it up!

So it’s back to the drawing board for the next couple of weeks. Hope is to finish Zooma strong, w/o walking, and in maybe a 2:10–nice, even, 10-minute miles. We’ll see.

►60-minute P90X DVD <X-Stretch>