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The quick & dirty…
Hi, I’m Marci. I am an over-worked meeting planner, a runner, a condo-owner, a fitness and clean-eating enthusiast documenting my run to the Chicago Marathon. It’s not my first marathon, but it definitely means the most.

For my first one (MCM 2006), I had one goal–to finish. I finished, but only after I tore my calf at mile 13. So I vowed to return and make a better memory for myself, which I did with MCM 2007. After that race and realizing I was not a fan of MCM, I decided to get out of Dodge and run somewhere else, which ended up being the Nike Women’s Marathon in 2008. Just before I got there I burned out. I had a great race mentally, but physically I was done. Work, personal strife and over training had left me empty. I kept running (as you can see on my race tab) but have not done a marathon since then. After some serious medical issues late last year, I’ve set my sights on Chicago as a comeback. I want to PR the thing. Not that I think it will be hard to beat my time of 4:47, but I want to PR it in a way that leaves me feeling that I trained properly and executed to the best of my ability. I think I can run a 4:20. Hell I think I am capable of running a sub 4-hour race, just maybe not this year.

“Baby Banana” came from…
I guess Buggie is the only one that knows what that is all about.  I’ll tell the story if you want me too, but I really don’t think it would retell very well. It was one of those punchy, teary-eyed laughter moments that barely make sense when *you* think about it, much less when you explain it to others. So it’s a nickname of sorts. And it makes for a good semi-anonymous blog identity.

Marci came from…
Minnesota.  Hence all the love for the MN teams.  It’s been a long time since I lived there, but I claim all sports allegiance to the state from whence I came,  allowing only the Nats, the Cubs and few others to garner legitimate cheers from my corner of the world.

Email me…
imbabybanana (at) gmail (dot) com

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