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July 10, 2012

mileage for June

So how’s that for a hiatus–last post of June 1? Ugh. This is not what I meant to happen when I started chronicling my marathon training woes adventures.

After some cray shit that went down in the office, the ensuing stress and what felt like 3 weeks of travel, I am rededicating myself to keeping track of my training in this here diary format. Considering how crappy June was, getting nearly 60 miles in is an accomplishment. Though it should have been more like 72 or so. I did the math today (by “math” I mean the magic spreadsheet that catalogs all of my mileage for 3 months out) and holy effing shittle!1!! there are only 13 weeks left until the marathon! Unrelated, why do I always typo that to say “marathong”? I mean, what would a marathong be, exactly? One that you don’t have to take off for a couple of days? Ew. I’m gong to stop this train of thought now, ummkay? 13 weeks! Do you realize that seeing as how I missed my last two long runs, I am now officially BEHIND in training? Do you?? Because I did not. Sure, I was not happy about skipping my long run the weekend I returned from London which happened to be the weekend before vacation which also happened to be the weekend derecho hit and knocked my power into Tuesday (literally). I was even less happy about skipping it again once back from vacation, but I hadn’t slept in (what felt like) two weeks and I was So I won’t dwell on what I skipped any longer. I obvs needed the break(s).

I will now focus on staying strong and focused for the remaining 13 weeks and try to be smart about training. That’s my main worry about being behind in training, making up the lost time and ending up with an overuse injury. I think I’ve got it planned out on paper so that the increases are modest, but only time will tell. I have adapted the Runner’s World less-is-more plan. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years, but without a marathon to apply it to, it’s just sat there in the back of my head. Well Carly Bananas (yes, another banana runner!) had a perfectly timed post where she did all the work of plugging it into a spreadsheet with a Marine Corps race goal. A few tweaks (and tears, because I lost three weeks) and I am now all set with a plan that has me running just 3 days a week in prep for Chicago. I am pretty fired up about it because in all my past training endeavors, I always felt best when I was executing a well rounded workout plan (ie, got my yoga and strength training in) but when I would get into the thick of it, there was little time to do much else but log miles. So we’ll see where this takes us. I’ll still do a couple 20-milers in training, but I won’t be hitting 40-mile weeks. Fingers crossed.

T-minus 2 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours & 57 minutes ’til Chicago. God, help me.


►Speed Work for 4.5 miles <3x1600s with 2-4 min rest in between>
►Get caught in the rain


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  1. July 11, 2012 12:47 pm

    Keep going!!

  2. July 12, 2012 9:32 pm

    So glad the plan works for you! Someone should get use of my excel nerdiness 🙂

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