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May 20, 2012

I so had a plan to get through these three weeks of intense hell at work. It was written out in my spreadsheet. There were contingencies built in. Reinforcements were recruited. I was going to stay active while working 11-16 hour days and survive damnit!

Then the first wave hit. I did ok in the beginning. A week working approximately 60 hours but was able to get a few runs in (see previous recap of the epically bad), plus a bit of cross training and only skimped on the yoga–as was my plan. All good. Even up to the day of travel last week, where I rescheduled a morning run with Kelly and got it in the SAME DAY I took off for Baltimore (making that day curiously long yet satisfying)–we were rolling along.

I knew the days would be long in Balt so I figured I’d schedule the remaining workouts for the weekend. FAIL. Exhaustion and much needed friend-time (hellllo MFA Buggie) took precedence. 20120520-131331.jpg

So I’m thinking we’re still ok, right? I can regroup for this week, right? Wrong. Monday started with a 15 hour day–which smacked down any chance for waking in time for a Tuesday am run. Can’t workout Tues night cuz I needed to pack and get some preshus zzz’s in time to rise at 4:30 for the first flight out of DCA to New York. That day ended at 11pm. And the next day we started with yet another 4:30 wake up call. So, well, you see the pattern here. 20120520-131042.jpg

I finally got 9.5+ miles in yesterday after two nights of solid rest. Prob not the best training decision…it’s been 10 days since I did anything but work!…but still glad to log that in (even if my thighs aren’t). Plus I really need to stay on top of these long runs these next few weeks since I sorta signed up for a half marathon in early June.

It is my first perk being a Pacers Ambassador!! They had some comps for the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon from Muscle Milk and I was able to snag one!! The race fee is over $100, I just couldn’t pass it up!

So it’s back to the drawing board for the next couple of weeks. Hope is to finish Zooma strong, w/o walking, and in maybe a 2:10–nice, even, 10-minute miles. We’ll see.

►60-minute P90X DVD <X-Stretch>

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