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April 13, 2012

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming of all running all the time, I bring you today’s lunch:

I give you the lazy girl’s stir fry.

See, I am far too lazy to prepare a lunch at home in the morning and bring it to the office, though I do bring my lunch to work every day. As in, every. single. day. I just bring groceries rather than, say, a prepared salad. (Exceptions given when I have leftovers.) A favorite make-at-work lunch is this “stir fry”. In quotes because there is no stirring or frying involved. I also call it my rice bowl (or quinoa if that’s what I got).

The above was prepared as such:

~4 crimini mushrooms, chopped and microwaved for 1:30
~1/4 green pepper & 1/4 yellow pepper, chopped and microwaved for a minute or so
~4 stalks broccolini & a handful of shredded carrots, chopped and microwaved for 1:30
~1/4 cup prepared quinoa, microwaved for 1:30 (I prepared that at work yesterday, yes…in the microwave)
~1 serving of Trader Joe’s cooked Wild Pacific Salmon (the kind that comes in their refrigerated, prepared foods section–lazy I tell you!), microwaved for 1:00
~12 grape tomatoes, cut in half (still cold because I don’t like them mushy, the heat of the other foods will warm them)

Yes, most of those items are microwaved separately. That’s because I don’t want to end up with a big pile of mushy veggies and overcooked salmon. So I’ve found that by tweaking microwave cooking times for each item individually you get a nice, light bowl of yumminess rather than a glob of food.

I then toss with a sliver of butter, a generous heaping of grated Parmesan & Romano cheese and heavily season with Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning (a Godsend at work, I use it on everything from salads to soups to my rice/quinoa bowls…sooo flavorful!). Viola! A super healthy, veggie-packed, whole-food lunch that comes in around 300-350 calories. Mmm.

Really, all you need to do is insert a protein, veggies, a carb, and a dash of fat into microwave and you have yourself a homemade lunch. This meal can take on so many variations. I make taco bowls (rice, beans, salsa, veggies, avocado, greek yogurt), Asian bowls (rice, chicken, peas, peppers, soy or ginger sauce)…all kinds of bowls!

►20 minutes of intervals on elliptical
►30-min Nike Training Club workout <Get Lean/Beginner/Slim Chance>

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