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Starting the grind

April 9, 2012

With Cherry Blossom under my belt and the goals associated with getting up to speed after surgery now met, I guess I am just another runner logging miles out there.

Recovery week went well. Reconnected with a long lost running partner (well lost in the sense we have just been too busy or too injured to run together for over a year) and had a fun DVD workout with Law-rah in her living room. Pain is always so much more bearable when experiencing it alongside someone.

Kept things light, just logging a total of 8 total miles last week. But it was a solid and well-rounded week in that it included yoga and strength training…which makes me happy. Guess its time to lay out some new goals. Happiness is good but happiness alone won’t get me to the marathon 🙂

Kelly (running partner) and I have decided to meet up Wednesday mornings before work to get in 30-45 minutes. This will be my first foray into early am runs for quite sometime. Excited and dreading it. Hate getting up but love the feeling of being done with a workout when 6pm rolls around.

Will write out my plans for the next 12 weeks tomorrow. Basically will work on building a base at first. Maybe towards the back half I’ll add in some speed work. Should be logging 25-mile weeks by the end of it !! Eeep!!

â–ş3.27 mile run <in 32:03>
â–ş15-min Nike Training Club workout <Shawn Johnson Stretch Guide>

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