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Up and over

March 26, 2012

I think I am over the proverbial hump. Hit a long run (after 2 weeks since my last one) this weekend even though I really didn’t want to. This was the first time since recovery from surgery that I haven’t been completely jazzed about getting to run — much less flat out dreading it. I think I was tired and a bit intimidated by the 80+ minutes of prescribed running, plus it was gray and dull outside — so I really had to force the shoes on.

With the 10-Miler looming and a lackluster week of workouts (I got my prescribed runs in, but not much else) I told myself to just get out there for 10 minutes. Then adjusted, because idiot, you wouldn’t even be warmed up at 10 minutes. So, anyway, I got out there. Warmed up. Started the run and 10 minutes later was pretty damn sure I had this. It wasn’t the easiest but the legs felt good, the allergy meds had kicked in so I knew all I had to battle was my brain. I kept the bitch in check and even had a zen 10 minutes at the 5 mile mark AND…AND…maintained a 10:15 pace. Full disclosure, that is even including 3 quick one-minute walk breaks on some hills I just wasn’t feeling. For a long, slow run that’s a tad faster than I think I should be but it didn’t start to feel hard until I got into 7+ miles…so all good?

Cherry Blossom is on Sunday and while I am sure I’ll be having a few walk breaks in there, after this I am sure I can at least finish respectably.

►60-minute P90X DVD <X-Stretch>

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