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March 5, 2012

miles for February

I am a few days late in posting monthly mileage, but with the early onset of spring allergy season and a week of super intense workdays, there was no time or clearheadedness for internet-ing. Upon reflecting on that number up there, let me just say that I am thrilled — absolutely thrilled to hit a 40-mile month once again. The last time I did that was April of last year! It’s been nearly a year since I felt well enough to average 10 miles a week.  So my goal for March is to keep on keeping on and get somewhere near 50 miles for the month without getting injured or tweaking the bejesus out of the calf. Just want to be able to run (or run/walk if needed) Cherry Blossom comfortably on April 1.


►60-minute P90X DVD <X-Stretch>

because it was so awesome
►6.67 mile run on the W/O&D & Custis Trails <5min warm-up walk and 4 x 16min run/1min walk intervals>

Methinks this whole walk interval thing is now ready to go by the wayside. Yeehaw!

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