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No pain, all gain

February 29, 2012

Two super-di-duper runs in the past three days. Ahhhhh. Feels like home.

Hit 6+ miles in total on Sunday. Which equated to 5.3 of run/walking with the rest of it being a walking warm up and cool down. The plan had been to walk 1 min/run 14 for a total of 45 minutes or about 4 miles. But after the warm up I didn’t look at my watch again until the 18-min mark. Whoops? So I walked 2 min to make up for the extra “work”. The next leg I took down to 15 min and then did that once more to finish it out. That last leg was awesome, hitting a couple of hills that I just attacked and not because I “had” to but because it felt good and I could. Between that and all of the freaking hot men on the W&OD, I was loving life. But seriously, is that where you hotties hang out? Are you single? Cuz I’ll go back again this weekend. Hooty hoo.

Last night was my first straight-thru-no-walking run. 25 minutes to test the lungs and get the legs used to not stopping. I averaged 9:47s. Had meant to take that slower but it was just so easy. !!!! I can’t wait til I am done with this and can just heading out there and go.

I am also nearly pain-free these days. Last week the little fireball of pain in the lower right area of my abdomen started diminishing. I first noticed it doing that waking up stretching thing that happens before you get out of bed. That move used to hitch me mid-stretch and bring me quickly to the fetal position. That’s not happening any more and neither is the quick doubled-over move I’d have to do when sneezing or blowing my nose. I had feared it was an adhesion/scar tissue because it just was so ever-present. But maybe it was just super knotty stitches after all. Yay! I still notice swelling in my belly after particularly intense days, but for now it seems like the pain is just about buh-bye for good.


►20-minutes of intervals on the elliptical
►30-minute Nike Training Club workout <Get Strong/Beginner/Muscle Definer>

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