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Being loose ain’t easy

February 23, 2012

What I am finding most difficult these days is staying loose, easy, breezy (beautiful) and not taking this running thing too seriously. There is plenty of time this summer to do that. I am still working a run/walk program so as to ease back into the familiar but it’s hard to temper my natural energy when it comes to running. I want to goooooo. It all feels so good except when it doesn’t.

Adding to the “simmer” issues I am having, is something else all too familiar–a tweaky calf and an uber tight hamstring/gnarled up scar tissue. Yesterday on the treadmill I had to repeat a mantra of “just stop if it doesn’t feel right–it’s not that serious”. A smarter person might have just bagged it. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me.

I will not push myself to injury. I will not push myself to injury. That is just defeating the purpose and will likely drop you back on the same sofa you spent the entire “winter”*

In other news, has anyone else used the Nike Training Club app? Is it not the greatest thing in the world? I’ve only done two workouts but even the 15 min one was tough and left me favorably sore the next day. Plus I like that you get to unlock features for logging a Nike workout. I want the Shawn Johnson stretch routine!!

*winter in quotes because really what is this crap? 70 degrees in Feb?! That’s blasphemous!!


►20-minutes of intervals on the elliptical
►30-minute Nike Training Club workout <Get Lean/Beginner/Fighter Fit>

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