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Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Race Report

April 3, 2011

My third Cherry Blossom.  It was not my worst and not my best.

I think my time will shake out around a 1:38 or so.  Under 10-min miles, but nothing like the blistering (for me) 1:29:31 of last year. This was expected being that my hamstring scar tissue issues started wreaking havoc on my left leg and calf back in Jan.  In fact my last run of any significant distance before this past Monday’s 8-mile training run was back in Jan!  So it wasn’t until Monday that I was even confident I could finish this distance.

I tied my damn shoes too tight and had to stop around mile 6 to loosen them. By then the damage was done though, my feet were absolutely shot so I was really just using grit and determination to power through the back half of the race.

I have to say that the Cherry Blossom folks are not doing much to gain favor over packet pick up … I spent an hour in line yesterday and risked getting a parking ticket (I didn’t thank god!).  Outside of my ire, the only people hurting from that cluster*&#% were the expo vendors. Because I was so worried about getting to my car before the metermaids, I booked out of there after grabbing my (super cute) t-shirt. Then, because I was feeling spendy, I headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods and dropped $85 on new running gear.  Totally would have spent that at the Expo had I been able to stick around.

This was actually my second race of the weekend. I signed up for the Pacer’s Crystal Run 5K Friday series – a 5K every Friday evening in April. I figure I’ll have a three mile run on the training calendar every week, why not run one at tempo or race pace?  I tried to hit this one slow in light of the CB on Sunday and still did sub-10’s.  My time was 3o minutes even I think…goal for this month is to do one under 26 minutes. I think I can do it, though it would shatter my PR by a couple of minutes I think.  Dream big?

Happy Birthday Mama. I miss you.

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  1. April 3, 2011 7:33 pm

    I love this year’s CB race shirts! SO Cute! Sucks that the wait was so freaking long though. That would have driven me batty.

    Congrats on a great time, especially considering you haven’t been running longer runs! I’m gonna rub your calves in hopes of the good race juju will rub off on me. I’m terrified of my first run…

  2. April 4, 2011 6:28 pm

    I know, the shirts are super cute, right? First cute one I’ve had in a long ass time!

    Oh I am sure Joonie has done loving/terrible things to your body (like that relastin junk you were talking about–your poor hips!) but I wonder if your stamina will be all gung ho – it’s not like carrying a child is all lackadaisical?!

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