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You know you are sleep deprived when…

October 1, 2010

I have recently taken to drinking a glass of chocolate milk before trying to go to sleep because, well they say it helps with the sleeping (trytophan maybe?) and because it is tasty.  So tonight, my Friday night that I spend at home eating a good dinner and trying to get some good sleep before my long run on early Saturday morning, as I crawled into bed with a magazine for lights out, my mind quickly flashed to that yummy bedtime treat.  <Chocolate Milk. Mmm.> It just as quickly reminded me that there is no dairy on Friday nights (it can cause some digestive issues on long runs). So where does my mind go next?  It tries to convince me to make chocolate water.  What the?

Word to the wise, and this is just a guess, chocolate water would not be nearly as tasty as some ice cold chocolate milk.

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