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I’m in the mood to run

September 20, 2010

Finally…after weeks, nay months, of motivation issues I am again feeling the workout vibe.  Though when it comes to the running I might be doing too much too soon.  After suffering through several overuse injuries over the years I am pretty anal about ramping up my mileage with a conservative 10% rule. This is my current mileage graph:

See those big, short gaps between the blue bars?  There should be less gaps and those green and yellow bars should be taller.  The blue bars are my long Saturday runs, and those are nicely incrementing upward, but the in between runs should mirror those and they are not which means I am probably running toward another injury of some sort.  Joy.  All is not lost however, I am planning to dip down the long run next week which should give me some wiggle room to up the ante on the short distance runs and get this graph back on track.

On the non running days I am hitting David Kirsch’s boot camp workout which I love because it makes me sweat, sweat, sweat.  A few more weeks of this and I should be ready for the BCOR Boot camps that Buggie and I signed up for through Living Social for all of $20.

In other news, while looking for a pic of some twisted ass body to portray how tight I am feeling, I stumbled across these. Too bad they are from last year, because, um, WANT!

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  1. Buggie permalink
    September 20, 2010 11:42 pm

    Holy smokes, that dress and those shoes would look absolutely gorgeous on you. Esp. that color. Wow. You MUST buy!

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