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The planners of the Cherry Blossom 10-miler are trying to suck the life out of me

April 10, 2010

Is that a long enough title? At least you know how I feel.

Seriously, I have been looking forward to running this race again for years, but it’s like they are doing everything in their power to make it a pain in the ass to run/enjoy it!

First of all, I signed up for the lottery with someone and they got in, but I didn’t. So that sucked. If you are going to totally upend the registration process, make sure it goes smoothly.

Later though, I was actually able to get a bib transfer from someone, meaning I was going to be able to run the race all legitimate-like. But the process was so screwy, confusing and sucky that they overcharged me and have now ignored my pleas for a refund for nearly three months now. This is AFTER they admitted I should not have been charged the amount I was and AFTER I have provided proof that the extra money was taken from my bank account. Jacked, right?

So earlier today I was feeling good/still hoping for a good race and I start getting my little ducks in a row for this weekend…prepping, figuring out when to go get my packet. And that’s when I see that packet pick up is downtown. Why? At the National Building museum, why? Why hold packet pickup for THOUSANDS of people in a place where there is limited parking and is only served by one Metro line. Why? So now instead of spending 30-60 minutes of my weekend at packet pick up, I now have to spend 2-3 hours? Maybe more depending on the unpredictability of our nation’s Metro. Joy.

Or rather, not so much. Beginning to dread this friggin race. It can’t be easy to plan a race, I get that (I plan for a living, I know!), but if you’re going to do it, do it friggin right and do it well and don’t fuck with people’s time and money.

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