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August 27, 2009

French verb meaning to forage.

That is what Buggie and I are doing for two weeks to our kitchens.  As little grocery shopping as possible. As many new, tasty, and essentially free meals one can make in a two week span.

~Day 1~ Amount Spent: $0
Breakfast/Lunch: A lot of leftover quiche from my birthday brunch,
Snacks: Leftover fruit, an almost-gone  box of Wasa crackers, two-week old hummus and an aging yogurt and sorbet bar.
Dinner: Sausage with tomato mushroom gravy over whole wheat pasta. YUM!  I kind of put some random Rachel Ray stuffed mushroom recipe and some pork with tomato gravy recipe together to make this:
Foraged Ingredients:
~ 2 links of leftover sweet Italian turkey sausage that I had in my freezer from the Mother’s Day meal I had cooked for the family
~ A dollop of really old frozen tomato paste
~ Half a carton of sliced crimini mushrooms that are about to turn
~ 8 baby romas that I had bought to make quiche before I knew I was getting garden-fresh tomatoes from Bug’s brother
~ About half a bag of the perma bag of spinach I keep in the freezer
~ Some sprouted wheat pasta from Trader Joe’s that’s been sitting in my cupboard for a few months
~ Some of the 8-gallons of chicken stock that I keep buying forgetting that I already have some on hand

~Day 2~ Amount Spent: $0
Breakfast: Cereal, milk and walnuts that I had on hand
Lunch: Leftover pasta from Day 1
Snacks: Last tablespoon of hummus, three-week old cottage cheese (that I had to toss), applesauce, leftover clementines, and a handful of chocolate chips. Lots of green tea.
Dinner: Some Gruyere leftover from the quiche, garden tomatoes and leftover (but not moldy!) bread

~Day 3~ Amount Spent: $10
Breakfast: Cereal, milk and walnuts that I had on hand
Lunch: ESPN Zone lunch provided by work
Snacks: ESPN Zone munchies and beer provided by work
Dinner: $8.95 in Gazpacho from Tonic Restaurant (Hey, I needed something to eat with the beer so I would not get drunk!)

~Day 4~ Amount Spent: $0
Breakfast: Cereal, milk and walnuts that I had on hand
Lunch: Some soup I found in my cupboard that I probably bought in December. Garden tomatoes and a two-week old tortilla (that I toasted to hide any staleness)
Snacks: Leftover clementines, a green apple, string cheese and some chocolate chips
Dinner: The last quarter of an avocado, a garden tomato and more of the leftover (but not moldy!) bread

I’ve kind of blown my no-spend thing by ordering that gazpacho the other night, but I figure it was for health reasons. I think this weekend and no grocery shopping is going to be the big test though…

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