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Cutting back

April 3, 2009

With the state of the current economy, it could be said that it’s an employed shopaholics dream out there…sales like never before, prices slashed to rock-bottom levels, coupons galore!  But how’s a company to get the people to their stores when everyone is hiding and socking away their cash? Why, spend money on advertising of course.  Which is why I think Old Navy has got this thing down.  I mean they’ve always employed some quirky advertising campaigns, but how cheap must it be to make commercials using mannequins! I mean it’s genius. Don’t pay the talent and sell clothes for under $20! It’s elementary, mannequins–they are cheaper than children! How else could they afford to sell those $15 jeans, $10 bags, $5 tank tops and the like?  I mean, they are not sacrificing design quality, these are some of the best clothing and accessory lines I’ve seen out of them in a long time.   The commercials are horrendous, but if they keep up with the cute clothes and the super cheap prices I am in.

Case in point:

Old Navy < $100
Old Navy < $100 by babybanana featuring Old Navy earrings

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