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April 1, 2009

Seventy five miles and change for March.  Woo!  As a Facebook update a few weeks ago stated, I’m back in the game.

Most noteworthy thing about those 75 miles was the half marathon last weekend.  Time-wise, I would have been right in the thick of my previous recorded half mary times but I was forced to stop at mile 9 to release the extreme pressure of my shoelaces upon my sensitive little toes.  Even with the stop, I averaged 10:12 minute miles…taking the stop out, I was mostly sub-10’s.  So I am happy.

And while this may be the worst half marathon time I have on record, it is also the only half marathon that I didn’t necessarily train for.  After last October’s marathon and the ensuing laziness, I merely worked these past couple of months conditioning my body into trying to run solidly for 13 miles–that is to run it all and not walk and not wind up injured or otherwise hating life.  And I did it on this lackadaisical training schedule:

Last month of training

Last month of training

Did I mention though that the race, the SunTrust National Marathon and Half Marathon, ran out of cups at mile three?  Yes, a large race of 8,000+ runners did not budget enough for cups! How freaking sad is that?  I lucked out and it didn’t really affect me (at the last minute I opted to wear a water belt to basically hold my keys),  but man…any other race and I would have been pissed!  Runners were picking cups up off the ground and reusing them or chugging out of the gallon-sized jugs.  It was a mess. Also add a crappy finish area (not as bad as Marine Corps but poorly organized) and I am not sure if I’ll run this race again.  It was super convenient though and the course was fun–undulating hills and flat terrain made it easy on the legs, so we’ll see?  Maybe I am just picky because I basically plan and organize for medium to largish groups of people for a living, so I know it’s not that hard.  Maybe someone wants to hire me?

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  1. Matt permalink
    April 1, 2009 12:40 pm

    Times are tough all over! Cups cost money! 🙂

  2. April 1, 2009 6:58 pm

    Budget cuts you say? Dude, I would have given up my finisher’s medal for a few paper cups. Hmm, that doesn’t sound very green of me. Maybe they were going eco? Well, in that case, anything for the Earth!

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