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I see a stove in my future…maybe…

March 17, 2009

Looks like I might, probably buying a stove this weekend, maybe.  I add all the qualifiers since it’s been no less than five months since I began my search for one, much to the chagrin of those that like tasty oven-baked treats and my friends who are tired of hearing me say “but I don’t have an oven”.

Basically, I am ready to pull the trigger and baring any assholish salespeople, I should be able to schedule delivery/installation for later this month. Woo?

The kitchen renovation has basically been on hold since last September.  Many things happened to get to this, a now five-month pause in forward progress.  You can go back and see how crappy my Fall was if you are so inclined.  By the time December rolled around and I was ready to emerge with checkbook in hand, but I felt bad spending nearly a grand on a shiny stove while sticking to a strict budget on the Christmas presents.  So I pushed shopping back and then Mom ended up in the hospital. Then it was Boca and working on the weekends and well, now–now Mom’s home, feeling half-way decent and Boca is a thing of the past, so no more excuses.  Stove shopping will happen this weekend.

I am currently looking at two models.  These are by no means, top of the line, or even middle-class really.  But they aren’t bargain basement. I drew the line at self-cleaning.  Self-cleaning was my must-have feature, along with a storage drawer instead of a warming drawer.

The GE:

Bottom of the barrel GE range

Bottom of the barrel GE range

The Frigidaire:

Lower middle-class Frigidaire

Lower middle-class Frigidaire

Question is, will I actually buy one?  Stay tuned…

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