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Lethargy–live it, love it

December 27, 2008

I have found that it is hard to write when one has been busy fostering a serious streak of indolence. I mean, doing absolutely nothing for days on end makes for a whole lot of nothing to write about.

It was cute and chalked up as a de-stressing mechanism last month when I holed myself up in Casa de Marci for four days while indulging my sloth.  Now, well it’s just gross.  This is what a ridiculously stressful summer and fall season, two+ weeks worth of use or lose vacation time, and no sense of gumption whatsoever will do to a person.  Give a girl three consecutive 5-day weekends, and you get a girl who eats crackers and grapefruit for lunch, dinner rolls and cream cheese for breakfast and I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-moldy bread with peanut butter and fake bacon for dinner.  Not to mention the unwashed hair, the piles of dirty laundry, the pajama pants, and the drool covered pillows caused by excessive napping.

Unless I make concerted plans to MEET someone OUTSIDE of my house, no sort of productivity will occur.  And by productivity I mean eating well-rounded meals at their appropriate times of the day, or maybe just getting showered and donning clothes that are not flannel–I mean I am not trying to solve quadratic equations here.  So with the holidays upon us and family time over, here I sit on the blue sofa with my new chocolate brown afghan, watching bad television, playing games on the internet and ordering dinner from places I would never eat if I were in a my usual  productive (neurotic?) way.  I did play a math game a few hours ago, does that count for anything?

At least there is football tomorrow, where I can sit on the couch and be just like the rest of America.

Please Minnesota just clinch something for once this year.

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  1. December 28, 2008 6:00 pm

    My gawd, your life sounds exactly like mine. ‘Cept I have not played any math games.

  2. December 28, 2008 7:42 pm

    That’s why we are friends dear. And for the record, I played the math game by accident…I didn’t know it involved math until after I pressed start.

  3. December 30, 2008 3:07 am

    Um, ha! Now you know what my life is like, with no hope of redemption. And going to a hopelessly boring job causes me to break out in scabies just thinking about it. I’d rather accidentally do math.
    Yet, my lethargy has expanded to the point where I can’t even watch tv anymore because I simply cannot focus on anything that long.

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