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It was in the stars

June 29, 2008


Your friends and family might look to you for guidance now, but not necessarily for motivation to get ahead. Instead, the laid back Taurus Moon suggests a day of pleasant relaxation and rejuvenation. You can set an example for others today by doing what makes you feel good, whether it’s watching a movie, lying by the pool or taking a nature walk.

So I made the family head over to the Metrodome this afternoon for the last day of interleague play.  Well I didn’t so much as make them as I mentioned it to my grandmother as a possibility and SHE convinced the ‘rents that attending today’s Twins v. Brewers game was a must do. (Have I mentioned how much I love my grandma?) But last-minute tickets, awesome left field seats, a pre-game all-Mascot t-ball game*, and some kick ass nine innings made for a ridiculously pleasant day.  Especially when those nine innings meant a complete game shutout by Slowey, a stand up triple by way of a foul line hugging line drive, and Young’s two-run  HR dropped into our section. Oh happy day.

*Twins mascot T.C. has invited his mascot friends to participate in the annual mascot softball game prior to Sunday’s contest against the Brewers. Mascots planning to attend include Apple and Bee (Applebee’s), Wilbur the Pig (Famous Dave’s), SPAMMY (Hormel), Moe (Minnesota Daily), Thor (Minnesota Thunder), Crunch (Timberwolves), Viktor (Vikings), Starman (Star Tribune), Subman (Subway), Toucan Harry (Treasure Island Resort & Casino), Patches the Panda (SPIRE), Airman Andy (United States Air Force Reserve 934th Airlift Wing), Goldy Gopher (University of Minnesota), Peppy the Pizza Slice (Broadway Pizza), Roy (Bethel University), Alfie the Liver (American Liver Foundation), Fairborn and Fairchild (Minnesota State Fair), Colonel Ohmoopapa (Valleyfair), Bullseye (Target), Spirit (Qwest) and special guest Bernie Brewer from the Milwaukee Brewers.

Seriously the most pre-game fun I’ve ever had (outside of Joe Mauer getting stretched), I mean when Alfie the Liver took a face-planting dive into home plate for the tying run…hilarious.  Twins are now 8-0 in mascot softball.

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  1. July 1, 2008 6:27 pm

    My favorite part of the T-ball mascot game was when my man (and game MVP) Alfie the Liver got hit by the batted ball right in the center of his costume, and the announcer quickly said, “Oooh! Right in the organ!”

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