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MKR: The waiting game

May 27, 2008

Am still working on that pesky kitchen!

So last weekend I was in Boston for this girl’s graduation from Boston University. Way to go Bugger!  (She has been (cum) lauded here by JessT.) Not being deterred by my non-presence, the family came over and worked their free labor magic by installing some über cool custom cabinet organizers in the lower cabinets, re-hinging some of the doors and adding the new cabinet hardware as well.

They also delivered the new sink, the faucet and went to pick up my oh-so-gorgeous granite tiles – all of which is now sitting in my living room practically burning a hole through the floor because it’s all just so damned pretty and I can’t stand it anymore! Can a sink be pretty? Mine is! Here is the photo off the Kohler website. However, my sink will be paired with the faucet pictured below from Pegasus.

The sink is freaking HUGE! HUGE! It’s going to be so amazing once it’s installed. Has anyone ever called a sink “amazing” before? Well this one is. I special ordered a wire drying basket for the sink basin on the left, it’s formed to fit the funky, curvy shape. I also bought a mini cutting board that fits over the bottom portion of the sink. Am trying to save counter space which is at a high premium in my small, galley kitchen…so even though my new sink is WAY bigger than the old one, it will allow me to take the dish rack off the counter top next to the sink, giving me an entirely new space to utilize and make dirty! Woo!

Went shopping with the ‘rents this weekend at Lowes to pick up the makings for the substrate (that is backerboard and plywood), the mortar mix, the grout, new plumbing accouterments needed to accommodate a double sink and a water filter that installs under the sink and gives you filtered water right out of the unadorned faucet. Which means…

…counter tops and sink go in this weekend!


Cannot express how happy I am. I lost my camera recently, but will try to get the family to bring one so I can take lots of pictures of the install.

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  1. May 27, 2008 6:05 pm

    Ooh shiny sink! I loves it!

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