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MKR: a.k.a. Poking the Beast

April 4, 2008


I would say I am now officially in the middle of this endeavor. The walls, they are all yellow.

Glorious yellow. Well, Wildflower Honey to be exact.

Sunny beautiful yellow. As of last Sunday, I am totally starting to feel the “modern Tuscan touch” I have been going for. Wheee! All it took was some paint on the walls (and my hair). I always wanted blonde highlights?

Why I can’t remember to put on a baseball cap when I paint is beyond me. Clearly I enjoy picking paint out of my hair for weeks on end. Anyway, after my Mom, sister and I got done with the two coats of paint, brother-in-law and DaddyBanana (shown below) were on hand to install new, up-to-code electrical outlets and my new overhead lighting fixture because 1.) I have (the) power and 2.) the ceiling has been painted. It this installation process that led us to the determination that my tiny kitchen is on three separate electrical circuits. We kind of found out by accident when brother-in-law was mildly electrocuted when he happened to strip some *live* wires we thought we had turned off. Oops! Sorry bro!

Now, it’s been so long w/o light in the kitchen I could barely wait for this moment. So when the fixture was attached and the specialized light bulbs were screwed in, we made a ceremonial task of flipping the switch.



(Note: Ceremonial task is not shown above, basically because tears and tantrums don’t convey well in photographs.)

No light. Gah! Connections were checked and re-checked. The handy-dandy electrical meters were brought out again (for the 1,000th time it seemed like) and it was determined that the switch for the overhead light was pulling an almost-too-large-to-count 1.2 volts of power. Understand that this is exactly 7.8 volts LESS than your standard 9-volt battery. Oy vey!

Sigh. We poked the beast.

So a note was made to call the friggin electrician again and we went about the task of cleaning up the paintbrushes and paint trays. As I sat on the floor finishing some of the edging, I happened to notice yellow-tinged water from the sink pouring into the cabinet below. Why-oh-why is water leaking from my sink?


Upon close inspection, my dad cannot determine why it is leaking, but does determine that the water is in fact leaking over all of the wonderfully live electrical attachments to the garbage disposal.

Sigh. We poked the beast.

Using my new fuse box, we turned off power to that portion of the kitchen so now I have no lights and no garbage disposal until we can replace the sink–my dad is hoping it’s just a fluke that it started leaking and that the planned replacement of the sink and faucet will remedy the situation. Of course I now MUST replace the disposal because apparently .5HP is not a powerful enough unit. Dear ol’ Dad tells me that I should be able to crush bones and small animals with my disposal and I will need at least a 1.5HP unit.

Okay Dad, whatever you say.

Next up:
~Calling the electrician (again)
~Adding a 2nd coat of primer to the outside of the cabinets
~Shopping for the countertop materials (backerboard, caulk, grout, the granite tiles)
~Shopping for a new sink, faucet and garbage disposal
~Shopping for the glass pane insets for the top cabinets
~Think about replacing the stove (aka BananaBakes HQ)

You can read previous posts about My Kitchen Renovation (MKR) here.

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  1. AUA permalink
    April 8, 2008 10:03 am

    Did you dip your hair in the paint?? It looks like highlights.

  2. AUA permalink
    April 8, 2008 10:04 am

    Err – – I mean individual follicles.

  3. April 8, 2008 10:09 am

    Heh. I know! It almost looks like I did it on purpose. But no, we painted the ceiling (because I love unexpected touches like that) and I was hopping up on the counters to paint the upper portion of the walls and kept skimming my hair along the ceiling. Viola! Yellow highlights!

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