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August 6, 2007

smith-and-high-bridge.jpgNo, I am not wallowing in tears…or non-tears. Just supremely busy and running around (literally and figuratively) a lot. A lot a lot.

Well not a lot in July, but a respectable 55.5 miles throughout last month.  Which was brought down on purpose from my 90+ in June because I got scared.   Like, real scrrrd. I don’t need an overuse injury.  So I scaled it back, which was easy considering I spent a week+ traveling. Although I did get in some running while I was in Minnesota. Found a nice little loop in West St.Paul that took me over a couple Mississippi bridges. Isn’t that scary? A little too close to home if you ask me.

So basically work is kicking my ass and so is this heat, what with trying to keep up with logging mileage. I am going to keep on keeping on though, have had some good runs so far this August…a 14 last Saturday and an 18-miler coming up this weekend. Insider’s tip: If this heat continues, you might want to grab some stock in Carpi Sun Sport On-The-Go — cuz that stuff is flying off the shelves at my neighborhood Teeter.

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  1. August 7, 2007 8:07 am

    But… but… I can just buy the regular pouch. Limited effort beverage enjoyment, I say.

    Then again… it can be like putting together a puzzle to put the straw into the pouch without it going out the other side…

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