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Hot hot hot

April 13, 2007

bikram-class.jpgNormally when one talks about how hot Bikram yoga is, they are referring to the temperature of the room — 104° – 110° with 30% humidity — and not the bevy of hot men in the room.

But not this time. Oh no.

Usually one does not meet with any eye candy while in Bikram, for as strenuous as it is, yoga is a forgiving sport and people of all shapes, sizes and amounts of body hair participate.  Once in a while you’ll see a woman with a fantastically lean dancer’s body in class, but what’s even rarer is to see a man with any semblance of muscle tone (unless he is frightenly thin and/or over the age of 55). Although not overwhelmingly popular with men, middle-aged fat dudes and old, skinny guys love this class.  Maybe if I took class in a neighborhood filled with less of these types this would be the exception rather than the rule, but I digress. 

My last yoga class was amazingly different than the norm.  Thank you to the God that decided I needed to be sandwiched between not two, but three young, hot, sweaty, surfer boys and triathletes for my yoga practice.  Although I can’t say my body reaped the benefits of the usual strain of class, my eyes sure did.  Oh, how they feasted.

In yoga, you are supposed to stay focused on yourself, meeting your own gaze during, before and after most postures–resulting in a positively radiant mind-body connection that really does focus you and wash away the stress of the day.  But during my hot boy sandwhich yoga class the other day, I couldn’t do that. Why watch me, when I could watch them? Their tensing muscles, contracting abs, stretched lats, tight asses, beaded sweat droplets rolling down their corded arms…sigh…yum.

Is it wrong that all I want to do with my free time now is go to yoga class in hopes of a glimpse?  These guys were good, so they must be practicing on at least a semi-frequent basis, right?

All I know is that I want more eye candy, please and thank you!

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  1. April 13, 2007 12:21 pm

    Note to self: Watch porn upon arriving at home so as to counteract this.

  2. April 13, 2007 12:45 pm

    Note to self: go to more yoga classes

  3. Glen Quagmire permalink
    April 13, 2007 1:19 pm

    Note to self: Go to I-66’s house to watch porn.

  4. April 13, 2007 1:37 pm

    You guys are funny

    Also, send some porn my way. I am a little hot and bothered after thinking about that class.

  5. April 13, 2007 2:39 pm

    You realize those guys are paid to be there right?

    They totally tried to get me but I cost too much.

  6. April 13, 2007 3:32 pm

    I want to go to Yoga with you

  7. April 13, 2007 5:57 pm

    Sign me up.

  8. April 13, 2007 9:07 pm

    There were ZERO hot men in my bikram yoga class. Only sweaty upper NW suburbanites. Where the hell are you going to yoga at, young lady?

  9. hotjjesus permalink
    April 14, 2007 4:19 pm

    What y’all need to do, is join me in the pool.

  10. April 15, 2007 2:04 pm

    Another Bikram advantage…when the hot guys pass out from the heat, you can be there with a cool washcloth to soothe their manly sweating brows

  11. April 15, 2007 8:36 pm

    Um, what studio do you go to? 🙂

  12. April 16, 2007 8:31 am

    Sorry for going to your yoga class and making it impossible for you to focus on yourself.

  13. April 16, 2007 10:51 am

    I’ll trade you some porn for my Entourage.

  14. April 17, 2007 9:23 pm

    Um seriously, where do you go to yoga? Looks like we all need some of this!

  15. April 23, 2007 3:13 pm

    Disturbing, to be sure – I once got caught behind Kenny Rogers during a yoga class…a pleasure for the ladies, but not so pleasant for yours truly.

    Kenny is one hairy individual, if you know what I mean.

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