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Gentlemen, start your engines. Birthday week has begun…

August 14, 2006

…and what an awesome start.

Last night, I was sent home from Georgia with a nice birthday song right there at US Airways Gate 43. How cool to get an escort to the gate (especially these days – hello, no lip gloss or mascara!) and then have your escorts sing you a quiet, little “Happy Birthday” ditty? Very cool in my book, makes me all blushy.

Today, R took me out for a super fab (and super long) birthday lunch at The Mansion on O Street. Add spinach ravioli, decadent scallops and potatoes, salt and pepper shrimp, cherry cobbler, apple crisp and many, many fabulous hats and other eccentricities and this is what you get…

…good start! Can’t wait for the finish!!

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  1. August 14, 2006 8:32 pm

    How was the trip?

  2. August 14, 2006 8:33 pm

    Beeyotch! Why didn’t I know it was your birthday? I’ll get you a cowboy, err, cowgirl hat.

  3. August 14, 2006 9:39 pm

    I love happy endings ((sigh))

    Happy almost birfday RdMffn!

    Kisses on your upper facial cheeks!

  4. August 15, 2006 7:45 am

    Yay for a banana’s birthday…here’s to hoping you don’t turn brown and mushy. Can’t wait to see you Friday!

  5. August 15, 2006 12:29 pm

    Phil – Georgia was fab. But who took the Hot out? I just experienced ‘Lanta.

    Velvet – Oooh bring me a cowboy, pretty please!

    Claudette – Lower facial cheeks, too? Or does that just apply to Bug?

    Law-ruh – I am a little mushy, and spotted – but that’s normal for me 🙂

  6. August 15, 2006 3:02 pm

    Ewwww mushy Marci…

  7. August 15, 2006 5:37 pm

    What, i-66, you no like freckled, fatty bananas?

  8. August 15, 2006 5:41 pm

    I’m gonna get you DRUUUUUUNK!

  9. August 15, 2006 5:51 pm

    Heather – Wheeeeeeeeeeee! 1…er 8 super tall vodka and sodas please.

  10. August 15, 2006 7:01 pm

    And here I was keeping it clean since it’s almost your b’day… We gon’ git you nice and sloshed on your b’day happy hour, Sweets.

  11. August 15, 2006 11:43 pm

    Happy Birthday Week!!!!

  12. August 16, 2006 11:47 am

    I dig the freckles, but I wouldn’t describe this particular banana as “fatty”.

  13. August 16, 2006 12:31 pm

    Happy Birthday Week!

  14. August 16, 2006 12:31 pm

    Cluss – It’s birthday week, now is not the time to keep it clean!

    Thanks Busted! wOOt!

    i-66 – I dunno, you haven’t seen me in a while 😉

  15. August 16, 2006 12:39 pm

    Pft. If I can pick you up on Friday you so lose.

  16. August 16, 2006 12:48 pm

    Sparks – Thanks! You, too, sister 🙂

    Highway man – If YOU (or anyone) picks me up on Friday (or ever) THEY are the one that’s going to be losing, my friend. Banana don’t play that.

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