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Rocket misses the Twin Cities

June 23, 2006

In his much anticipated return to baseball, Roger Clemens leaves his first game back from (his third?) retirement in the 5th inning, having thrown 100 pitches and giving up six hits with two runs. Final score: Twins 4 / Astros 2.

Yeahhhhhh baby!

So the Twins might still be eleven games back (friggin Tigers and White Sox), but rookie Liriano proved his worth again. With our hitting back on the rise (hello league leader, hottie Joe Mauer), and some solid starters on the mound (like Santana can be referred to as merelysolid) and a capable bull, we might just give the Central a run for their money.

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  1. June 23, 2006 11:30 am

    My, what big font you have.

  2. June 23, 2006 12:01 pm

    And here I thought it was going to be HUGE or something based off that comment. I hate emailing posts in.

    I’ve now changed it to match the rest of my tiny typing, happy?

  3. June 23, 2006 12:17 pm

    I am.

    Insert cheesey grin here.

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