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Got Game?

November 17, 2005

Cuz pass it on over if you do, I think I am lacking in that department. Fo’ real tho.

So here’s an update on the flirt front:

In Chicago there was nothing extraordinary. Overt flirting on the part of the opposite sex is inevitable. It’s a conference/trade show…it just happens without fail. Plus I work in a heavily male-dominated industry, so I am pretty much the youngest, hottest thing they’ve seen since their teenage daughters had “that sleepover last weekend”. It’s situational, you know (kind of like my weird crush on Tim Russert)? And to top it off there are cushy expense accounts and tons of sponsored parties, all with lots o’ vodka flowing. Oh there were these cute little grad students hitting on me at one of the parties. So cute. So sweet. So young 😦 Compliments abound, but spewing from the mouths of no one I’d be interested in… BIG TEETH: 2 MARCI: 0

Also while in Chicago, married I.T. guy tried to put the moves on me (AGAIN) when I had a bunch of people up in the suite to watch the Redskins/Philly game. Blech. I am not counting this one…as it’s an ongoing “situation” that I keep thinking is over and done with. God, I am so bad at this.

Then, last Friday there was that charity, black-tie thing. Me: gorgeous, satin, chocolate brown, floor-length halter dress. Smoky eyes. Slightly wavy, touseld hair. Them: Drunk guys in tuxes. Some looked better than others, but most were too drunk to tell. Towards the end of the evening, cute-ish guys are found to be cuter after fun and interesting conversation. After party ensues…Tux Boy #1 is too touchy feely for me and when it’s time for him to go back to his room he whispers in my ear “I can stay if you want me to”. I reply ever so sweetly “That’s ok, you can go!” I move over to the small group of people that are staying and they ask about Tux Boy #1. I tell them the truth, that he was way too touchy and would not listen to my “stops” so I told him I didn’t mind if he left. Tux Boy #1 was apparently still with ear shot and came marching back to say “Whatever! I was not even that into you. Not interested. I am glad to go.” Then he slammed the door shut. Seriously, he said this. I laughed. So did my friend. So did his friends. Poor guy, bruised ego. But seriously, hands off! BIG TEETH: 3 MARCI: 0

Saturday was the twin’s birthday party which I have already dished on, however I did leave out one little nugget of info. My ex was there (since he had been pretty involved in the girl’s life year’s back). And he’s not your run-of-the-mill-ex, he is “The Ex”….you know…THE one. I have not seen him socially since the break-up over three years ago. I have not seen him for more then 5 minutes at a time since said break-up. Thankfully it was a large-ish crowd with many good friends in attendance and I could get away with not speaking to him w/o being bitchily obvious. But a girlfriend summed it up nicely when she said “My God, he’s got to be seriously kicking himself, cuz damn you look good!”. Aw. BIG TEETH: 3 MARCI: 1*

*Not that this counts for much, other than ego. But, wooooo ego!

Cut to Jaleo for pre-game sangria and tapas Monday night. Buggie has a pair of extra hockey tickets that she bestows upon our neighbors at the bar. Canucks no less, in town for some big brain conference. They are each married, which is fine because Bug really just wanted to give the tickets to someone who would use them…and after lots of conversation in which we ask about their wives and children we decide to walk to the game together. As we leave, married Canuck #2 says to Buggie, “What are your intentions with us, you realize we are married?” Duh. Dude we just spent 20 minutes going over your family lives. Just sit in the seats, watch bad hockey and shut up please. Damn. We weren’t hitting on them, so I don’t know how to score this…I guess it stays the same? It’s not like it was the fault of the teeth, right? BIG TEETH: 3 MARCI: 1

Send help, things aren’t looking so good…

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  1. November 17, 2005 9:22 pm

    Big Teeth are no longer, from what you’ve said in your last post so they’re not even in the running anymore, oui? From what I saw this past weekend (and it’s even gotten better?) you’re looking great, your smile… natural, your body… fab, your aura… good to go. F the game sista, you’ve got you and that’s what you’re coming at people with.

    For the record, I like morphing that you’ve been doing internally in the past couple years. Our lil Mish is growing up and spreading her wings? I will call you BB for Baby Butterfly? heh.

    Smooches and butt slaps baby!

  2. November 17, 2005 9:23 pm

    PS – I apologize if I’m the comment box pariah again. I have that affect on comment boxes, which is why I usually wait for a bit to comment. 😛

  3. November 18, 2005 11:42 am

    The real veneers are much more natural than the temps, but still large and in charge (I think) (But I am crazy). But even big, they are a thousand times better than the originals…blech.

    But no worries on the comment box hogging. I like it. ‘Specially when you say nice things about me!


  4. November 18, 2005 2:22 pm

    Obviously big tooths got guys all over you.

  5. November 18, 2005 2:40 pm

    But AUA – It’s all wrong! This is the same ol’, same ol’. Married guys, old guys, grabby guys. NO! Where are the nice, good-looking fellows?

  6. November 18, 2005 8:33 pm


  7. November 19, 2005 12:33 am

    It’s my fault. You are BB, baby butterfly, growing these beautiful wings to fly. I am holding you back. You should go out without me and find your happiness. I am just draggin’ your ass down.

  8. November 21, 2005 9:43 am

    Rich – ? I should modify to say local nice, good-looking fellows!!

    And Buggie, I totally went out twice w/o you this week (gasp!) to no avail. No dates, no good flirting 😦 I seriously suck at this!

  9. November 21, 2005 10:10 am

    The nice, good-looking guys are all out playing pool.

  10. November 21, 2005 10:17 am

    Well, ok then.

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