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On a jet plane

November 5, 2005

Ok, so I am off to the windy city as of Sunday morning. God, I love that town. This picture actually is just steps from where I’ll be staying–might even be the view from my room. Sucks at night because they light up the Wrigley building there like they are afriad someone’s going to run off with it in the night.

Anyway, I am there as of Sunday morning. My conference officially starts on Tuesday and once that happens my job is pretty much done. Just late nights and early mornings…if I get bored I’ll blog from there–maybe I’ll get to dish to you on all the parties and boozing! If things stay crazy or if I am just too damned hungover on free vodka, then I won’t be able to talk to you freaks for a week or so.


Stay sweet!

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  1. November 7, 2005 3:29 am

    Drink a Grey Goose and vodka for me! Tell all the folks I said hi and I don’t miss them at all…

  2. November 7, 2005 8:23 am

    Grey goose and vodka! Woo, it’s on the menu for sure sister 🙂 Oooh, and I’ll post regular updates for ya! So it will seem like you are still here but without all the crappity crap?

  3. November 7, 2005 10:00 am

    wait… grey goose IS vodka!

  4. November 7, 2005 1:50 pm

    Have a great time! I just got back from there too. Trump is building his new place right where your picture is… if only was rich – that would picture would be my view. Enjoy the goose & check out the new McFaddens the DC guys just opened at State / Division – bot far from where you’ll be.

  5. November 7, 2005 8:04 pm


  6. November 8, 2005 2:09 am

    Have a good time. Send a card from Dorothy.



  7. November 8, 2005 4:52 pm

    Have had people asking for you Buggie! And why is it that I get the phatty suite with the huge food basket when you are not here?

    And the picture IS the view from my hotel room! ANNNND it’s so nice here (not that I am making it outside much), but Dave and I did run back from the staff dinner last night and it wasn’t cold at all!

  8. November 8, 2005 4:53 pm

    Oh and someone tell married IT dude to stop hitting on me pleeeeeeeeeeease! I thought he was over it. 😐

  9. November 9, 2005 10:06 am

    I just realized that you included the ‘yearbook’ signature line.

    You stay sweet too and don’t ever change! Keep in touch! What else was there?… Oh, the ever classic “you hoochie, stay away from my man over summer break!”. Ah yes…

    Hope you get many a grey goose and vodkas up in Chick-ago.

  10. Anonymous permalink
    November 9, 2005 4:05 pm

    Hey girl — where are the updates? Where is this year’s story about Chaka Khan being disgusted that she has to sing for you guys?


  11. November 10, 2005 8:16 am

    Chaka and the like are in spring in Boca Raton. All I had here is Chicago were really loud bands playing really loud music for a really long time.

    And oh god. The vodka. The dancing. I feel my feet will never recover. Really, fat hurting feet. Ow ow ow.

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