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Just so you all understand

November 4, 2005

the jumble that is my brain right now…

I brought THIS with me to work to today to eat for breakfast:


No. Onion. I brought a friggin onion with me for breakfast!

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  1. November 4, 2005 12:55 pm

    no kissy kissy for you before lunch…

  2. November 4, 2005 1:31 pm

    Mmmm, cut it in slices and dip it in peanut butter. Same difference?

  3. November 4, 2005 2:09 pm

    fry it up – bloomin’ onion.

  4. November 4, 2005 5:03 pm

    With lack of a deep fryer and peanut butter, you think nuking it would provide a yummy treat?

    In the office, that’s my only option. Microwave or freezer. Or in coffee. Oh god, I think I am going to puke now…

  5. November 4, 2005 5:09 pm

    Boo!! BOOO I SAY! (sniff) Why would you defile coffee like that. (sniff) What’d it ever do to you?

    /me comforts the coffee from the evil onion taunting.

  6. November 4, 2005 6:12 pm

    LMAO!!! I’m thinking most of your colleagues left you alone today. Ya now cause of the onion breath 😐

  7. November 4, 2005 7:09 pm

    Did you end up biting into it, raw and in it’s full glory?

    *tossing bleached blonde hair and in monotone voicee* That’s hot.

  8. November 4, 2005 8:01 pm

    I honestly love cold raw onion.

  9. November 4, 2005 8:34 pm

    Rich, you shoulda been here this morning then. Fresh, raw, cold onion.

    No, I did not bite it. I went to the fridge grabbed it and my cottage cheese. Then, I took a knife and spoon from the drawer, opened the cottage cheese and spooned it into a bowl. Next, I removed my “apple” from it’s plastic bag and immediately went crying to everyone in my office showing them my onion. It was the saddest show and tell ever.

  10. November 4, 2005 9:31 pm

    Makes a nice paper weight.


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