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Well, the sickness is not contagious anyway

November 1, 2005

It’s either all in my head, or it’s allergies. So, that’s a relief anyway. The part that is NOT a relief? My car is broken. Like soooo broken the service people aren’t really sure what is wrong with it. This is bad news. Since I cannot afford a car payment anytime soon (without a second job anyway), I am at the mercy of the repair gods. But if this thing ends up costing over $2,000 to fix, I am not sure what I will do (as this is more than the car is worth!!). I’ve already put close to $1,000 into it this year in repair already, adding that much on top of it just doesn’t seem prudent.

We’ll see if diagnostic repair #1 works. If not, there are going to be a whole lot of tears here.

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  1. November 1, 2005 7:18 pm

    I feel your pain about the car, having just gone through that myself. I hope it won’t be too expensive…

    Keep sucking down the Vitamin C; something’s going around right now. Fred’s getting sick and I’m hoping to avoid it too.

  2. November 1, 2005 10:50 pm

    Bah! Car repairs sucks!! (((MOJO)) sending you some low cost car repair mojo…

    ((MOJO)) ((MOJO)) ((MOJO))

  3. November 2, 2005 12:26 am

    Sorry about the car. Donate it and get a new convertible like Dc Sports Chick. If you can’t afford the car, well, then your sort of screwed.

    Anyway, in regards to your illness. Drink copius quantities of wine… thats what I do and I only suffer from a bad back.


  4. November 2, 2005 1:06 pm

    I empathize, Marci. I had a car that I paid off this past October and it essentially died Labor Day Weekend to what would have been roughly $5000 in repairs.

    I wish you and your car luck. May you need not part.

  5. November 2, 2005 5:40 pm

    Just to clarify- it isn’t a “new” convertible, it’s a used one. And a car payment couldn’t have come at a worse time. But Carmax was way cool and not too pricey. I just didn’t want to throw more money at the broken car than it was worth.

    I hope it won’t come to that point for you, though- it was a tough decision for me. Sometimes I still miss my car, even though I love love love the new one.

  6. November 3, 2005 9:35 am

    Accckkk! I still haven’t heard if the first repair worked…they are looking for a used part (why buy a new one if it may be moot?)

    Thanks for the crossed fingers guys! Totally appreciated.

  7. November 4, 2005 11:35 am

    Have you considered a scooter? I think they’re totally cool, fun, and cheap.

  8. November 4, 2005 5:04 pm

    My dad totally told me to get a moped. Thanks Dad. jerk Think I’m going to friggin visit you 60 miles away on a freakin’ moped? Pshaw!–>

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