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I wish

September 12, 2005

I know someone who puts a great deal of pressure on herself. I mean a lot of us do that, but it’s just that she gets a good amount of pressure from others as well and it just ends up as these humongous weights she keeps on her shoulders. She’s not perfect, but she’s damn awesome. I think that’s a large part of why she gets an extra dose of pressure from the people who surround her–her awesomeness. They see someone who is great and they kinda want to mold that person to be what they see as “greater”. I am not saying that it’s wrong or right, it just is. (And I think that this is something that happens a lot to some really fantastic people.) I wish that she could step back and see all of this like I can. She really is a positive, moving force in my life and from what I can see, in other’s lives as well. I put this out here, instead in of a little note to her, because she can be quite sensitive and I don’t want her to dismiss it as “friend talk” or what have you. So, I hope that she gets to see this (and keeps reading once she figures out it’s her). If you are here girlfriend, I love ya. You are great.

I am thinking this might seem lame and maybe I should just write her a little note. I mean, who doesn’t love to get notes? But, damnit I don’t know anymore (not that I ever did) and I might just write her that little note, but this post is staying here in the meantime.

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