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Can it really be this easy?

August 11, 2005

So the other day we were watching Everyday Italian (I think?) at work during lunchtime. She was working on this recipe for sea bass and spinach (um, yum!) … we were all captivated. I love the way they film that show. Anyway, it appears to be the easiest freakin’ recipe on the planet. I have been dying to try it but have not been home this week before 9pm — too late to cook :\ I am going to try this — and SOON. But I am also going to recap here, lest I forget about my vow (or the freakin’ recipe, damn I have a bad memory).

4 filets of sea bass or other flaky, white fish
Fresh baby spinach
Sesame oil
Fresh ginger
Fresh garlic
Soy sauce
Marsala wine
Salt & pepper
Fresh basil
1 lime (cut in quarters)

*Mince ginger
*Mince garlic (4 cloves)
*Roll the basil leaves together and kinda shred them into strips by cutting it with a knife (she used a fancy cooking term which has vacated my memory)

*Take a square of tinfoil and throw in a bunch of spinach, enough for one serving. Overestimate this as spinach cooks down quite a bit.
*Lay a filet ontop of the spinach
*Sprinkle 1/4 of your ginger and 1/4 of your garlic on the filet
*Pour a bit of sesame oil on top
*Pour a bit of soy sauce on top
*Pour a bit of Marsala wine on top
*Salt and pepper to taste
*Pinch the tin foil shut

Repeat 3 more times

10-15 minutes at 400 degrees

Open each tinfoil package and squirt with 1/4 of the lime and sprinkle with shredded basil


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