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August 4, 2005

Man, how’d I get stuck with this? MG had to explain it to me through a very confusing IM conversation. And who in the hell do I know who will accept a tag and do this? Alright, alright all complaints aside…

Thanks Busted Flip Flop? : A list of turn ons and offs? Hmmm

Turn offs – in no particular order
– Smoking
– Broken promises & not doing what you say you’re gonna
– Lying and avoidance of the truth
– Closed mindedness
– Sloth – well except on Sunday afternoons when it’s totally warranted 🙂
– The soul patch. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s definitely negative points
– Unwarranted, excessive jealousy
– Unwarranted, excessive jewelry
– Being interrupted — just listen damnit!
– Unnecessary stank & dirtiness – breath, body, excessive cologne, what have you.

Turn Ons
– Kissing
– Beautiful skin and a warm smile
– Hot, crazy, thick boy legs. Yum
– An easy-going nature, but also doesn’t take unnecessary crap
– The ability to be both funny and serious when appropriate
– To do the above, he’s got to be smart too
– Well developed shoulders with sinewy crevices. Mmm
– Hot, sweaty goodness (and I am talking movie-quality sweat…not run of the mill stank)
– Firemen & baseball catchers
– Watching someone do what they love and/or are insanely good at

Ooooh, Megan, tag…you’re it. Hahaha to the new chick.

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