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Oh what a feeling!

July 26, 2005

(man, I want to yell “Toyota”!)

I am not sleeping well (I go through sleeping phases–a solid block of good sleep followed by a solid block of not so good sleep. I am in the middle of the not so sleepy sleeping time.) But I am still feeling alright! I lifted last night after my 10-day hiatus and that felt awesome. I ran 4 very nice miles this morning (no matter how slow they were, they were still nice–the slowness has got to be the heat, right? That and consistently crappy weekly mileage?) and I am all fired up about getting to the gym to lift again tonight. Maybe it’s the afternoon coffee I am drinking? I never rarely infrequently only sometimes (I still think that might be reaching) drink a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. So, I feel all good. A special treat, sore muscles and….AND….


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