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is it just me

July 13, 2005

Does anyone else think it’s completely ridiculous (and by ridiculous I mean totally stupid) that Miguel Tejada got a brand-effing-new-(ugly)-yellow-Corvette last night? The MVP of the All-Star Game=New Corvette. WTF?

Ok, ok he hit the winning run.
HE IS MAKING $10,780,000+……………..THIS YEAR ALONE!

C’mon! If he was so inclined (or getting financial advice from MC Hammer), he could buy 163 ’06 Corvettes without a 60-month payment plan. So why give him one for free? For playing in a game that means nothing to him (I mean c’mon, face-it, Baltimore is not going to the Series and therefore homefield is moot). Oh, I am sorry, he deserves it for hitting a HR and getting an RBI? No. NO! NO! NO! Miggy does not need a ugly new Corvette. I need an ugly new Corvette. My friend Buggie needs an ugly new Corvette. My brother, my Dad need ugly new Corvettes. C’mon, when I go to the batting cages, I’ve totally hit the ball so it busts through the netting before. That’s got to be deserving of at least a Toyota. Right?

And don’t even get me started on Jeannie Zelasko. This bimbo has the audacity to stand there and try to pump him up about about being recipient of a fancy new car. It’s not the Price Is Right. He’s not going to Come On Down and shake it like he’s never owned a car before. You are not Bob Barker and I am sure Miggy has owned/does own many vehicles. Verrrry nice vehicles. He’s a friggin millionaire. He’s probably thinking “you stoopid beetches, I can sell dees car and bring wealth to eberyone in my country. ”

(apologies for the bad accent typing)

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  1. July 13, 2005 7:29 pm

    You have hit the ball so that it bursts through the net, have ya?

    At least Jeanie Zelasko knew what game she was watching, not like that chick who did the opening game for the Redskins two years ago. What the hell was her name? I know I just said it the other night. Damn. Lisa Guerrero. (spelling? Aw, who cares. She is retarded.)

    I totally agree. Why don’t they donate $100,000 to the charity of the MVP’s choosing? Would that not make more sense?

  2. July 14, 2005 9:12 am

    ooooh I just hate dumb ass sideline reporters. Lisa Guerrero (I just copied your spelling Bug–if she can’t get the games right, we have no obligation to spell her name right) was a mess. TERRIBLE. At least Helmut-Head-Leslie-Visser knows what she is talking about. Bad hair, but knowlegdable.

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