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Does lemon juice really work for removing freckles?

July 11, 2005

Random moment:In the elevator coming back to the office after getting AC/NYC pics developed just now.

The building’s super (for lack of a better term, or…er… his name) hops in with me. Think old, gray, Kurt Russell with a lazy eye. We exchange pleasantries.

Now he looks at me and I just know he wants to say something else, but he’s only got 1 floor to do it, as he pushed “2”. So he looks at me and kinda opens his mouth, looks at the floor counter and then looks back at me and says, “So you don’t really tan do you, you just get more freckles?”

Me: (pausing, confused-like) “Yeah, they just kinda converge in the summertime.”

K.R.L.E.S. (Kurt-Russell-Lazy-Eyed-Super): “Well, that’s ok with me.”

Ding – Floor 2

Doors open, K.R.L.E.S. gets off and I am left wondering why is it ok with him? Am I glad that it is ok with him? Why did he feel the need to affirm my accumulating freckles? And did he really notice that I have more freckles now than I did a month ago or was it just a general statement made to a freckle-y girl?

Like I said, random.

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