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Mount. St Helens – or as my friend says, “Doug”

July 8, 2005

Why is it that this one lady in my office has ZITDAR? And also feels the need to use it on a regular basis? I could be at the other end of a long corridor, with expertly applied cover-up standing next to Sean Connery (someone she happens to think is hot) and she would say, “Girl, what happened to your face? “. Now what makes it worse (better?) is that she generally believes the blemish in question is not actually a blemish, but rather a bruise/ a bug bite/ the result of a horrific beating. She never comes out and calls it a pimple directly. So she follows up her initial question with “How’d you get that bruise? Did you fall out of bed?” or, “Who hit you?” or, well you get the idea. So I not only have the embarrassment of having the ZIT (aka Doug) noticed publicly, but now I have to explain that no, a humongous bee/spider/door/man with a bat did not assult me on the nose. It is in fact, a large build up of sebum trapped in my pores, underneath the epidermis — if you’d really like to know.

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