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Sweet nectar of the gods

May 4, 2005

Coffee, I am talking about coffee. Yum. I love coffee. I love coffeehouse coffee even more. And I am not sure if you can put Starbucks into the coffeehouse category (considering their megaconglomorate status) but I do love a latte and on most mornings (afternoons, evenings) I don’t care where I get it.Although, now that I’ve said that I must also say that I love the coffee at Common Grounds. A LOT. It’s my new favorite place to get a cup of joe. Not that I drink it like Joe would, cuz I seriously doubt he’d be getting a non-fat latte, but who knows…maybe Joe is a metrosexual.

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  1. July 9, 2005 12:20 am

    Who is Joe? Most Joe’s I have known suck ass.

  2. July 11, 2005 10:27 am

    Joe, as in “cup of joe”. I don’t know who he is either, and I see him to kind of abrasive hence the speculation that he would not go for a non-fat latte. But then again, I am kinda of abrasive. Hmmm.

  3. July 11, 2005 1:27 pm

    I take my coffee hot and black.

    Old gf had me hooked on tall almond latte w/skim. I guess that qualifies as non-fat. This was back in the mid nineties before everyone and their friggin brother needed go open a starschmucks and ruin coffee.

    I just brew a pot or two of Gevalia these days but I do have an espresso maker.

    Try this (definitely no calories here):

    1. LARGE GLASS (32oz)
    2. Fill 3/4 with ICE
    3. 3 shots of espresso
    4. 2 table spoons honey
    5. Fill with milk to suit

    S’just about the only cold coffee I can drink. I can definitely put away some coffee icecream though. DAMN YOU BEN AND JERRY’S and HAGEN DAZ. (damn you to hell.)

  4. July 11, 2005 3:30 pm

    Oh do not damn the frozen confection makers! I HEART them! I love frozen treats. Especially sicles. Frozen sugary yumminess is ever so much better on a stick!

    Also, YUM! to the iced beverage recipe. Too bad I can’t make coffee to save my life.

  5. July 11, 2005 7:28 pm

    Well, I usually wind up making too much of the best damned coffee you’re EVER going to taste.

    It usually hits me right around the time I’m 5 minutes into a meeting. Why can’t people just schedule meetings around my coffee drinking schedule. Inconsiderate bastards.

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