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would you like some cheese with my whine?

March 31, 2005

Ok, bear with me…The race is in 3 days and I can barely run 4 miles, much less 10. But I paid good money to enter this damn thing and by golly (how old am I, 60?) I am going to run it. Or run/walk it. Or walk it? No, I am not smart, I will not drop out and I will not walk it–I know myself too well and that just isn’t going to happen BUT I am going to try to take it easy. This means I won’t race it. Not going out for time, just for finishing. Ouch, hurts to say that. But this damn calf strain won’t go away. Why is it at race time, I end up injured? I don’t think I am pushing myself so hard that my body can’t handle it. I mean coming off the Achilles tendonitis and the lingiring hamstring issue, I was ramping up slowly to get back to 25-30 mpw…but no. Stabby stabby in the calf and hell if it won’t go away. It’s been a month AND I took 2 full weeks off of running (which never happens). It’s better now, I can run on it but it aches afterwards. And I am only doing 10 mpw!Ice is my new best friend. I am going to try to hit at least 5 this afternoon — we’ll see how that goes then two days off in prep for Sunday’s race.

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