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March 30, 2005

BabyBanana. I guess only one person knows what that is all about. I’ll tell the story if you want me too, but I really don’t think it would retell very well. It was one of those punchy, teary-eyed laughter moments that barely make sense when *you* think about it, much less when you explain it to others. But it makes for a good semi-anonymous blog.

Anyway, this is new for me. Bug has got me into it and I just really feel that my life needs/warrants/deserves/synonym/synonym a running commentary. That being said, I don’t know if I am going to open this sucker to the peanut gallery just yet. We’ll see.

Umpteenth phone call from D-boy last night. He’s still falling in the “nice” category. Date number 5 coming up this weekend. Looks like it’ll be Saturday. However, much to his chagrin, it will occur in the early evening as I have the race on Sunday morning. This is upsetting to him because this means there will still be no nookie. He said this! To me! Last night! It wasn’t in a creepy way, and converstaion between us is pretty comfortable so I wasn’t put off by it (but maybe I was a bit since I am writing it down here. Hmm.) Don’t know why I am holding out other than it just hasn’t felt right yet — not that is has felt “not right” if that makes any sense. It’s just that I am more than happy to continue making out on the couch like a teenager. He made fun of me last week saying it was like we were doing the “bases” thing, with each date going one base further. True. However, there was that stoppage of play and the game got postponed so it’s a whole new ballgame with no one on first.

He is also still making fun of me about the whole “I want a date” comment I made last Thursday. During intermitent smooching he brought up the “2 weeks layoff” (my term, not his) and being in trouble and making up for it with the Thursday calf massage and a little kissy kissy. To me this did not make sense; hanging out watching parts of movies on TV, ordering Chinese, getting free PT on my calf, and locking lips does not constitute making up for bad behavior (not that I am in any way mad or upset over it, I think he has more issues with it than I do). So….in the spirit of making up for things, I said….”well, I want a date.” To which he laughed and gaffawed and generally couldn’t believe that I had just asked for a date. But why not? If he is willing to “make it up to me” (whatever “it” is), why can’t I name my price? In this case, a date. I mean it’s something we are doing anyway — although we are getting comfortable really fast (ie, hanging out watching tv and ordering take-out) — so what’s the big deal about saying it outloud? I dunno. I want a date. And supposedly I am getting one. Saturday. Yay.

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